Chairman's Note

The core values of the Jonathan Jackson Foundation stem from my commitment to making real change in Nairobi by empowering the Kenyan people through education and training.

I was born and raised in Eldoret, Kenya and have managed to establish a solid business footprint in both Africa and Europe. Now that I am living and doing business in Nairobi, I know how important economic empowerment is to this and the next generation.

My goal for the foundation is to offer significant impact in disadvantaged communities by contributing to job creation and sustainable income generating initiatives.

I am committed to using my track record and experience in commercial enterprise both locally and internationally to make a difference to the lives of the disadvantaged people of Nairobi especially women and youth because their success is society’s success for generations to come.

Jonathan Jackson


We scale up community projects and ensure tangible, positive impact and accountability on the ground for the community, our partners and stakeholders


We are passionate about seeing impact which goes beyond this generation


Integrity Accountability, responsibility, high say-do ratio
Positivity Joy, optimism, good energy, can-do attitude, teamwork
Impact Speed, cost efficiency, commitment, focus, quality
Wisdom Thought leadership, empathy, harmony

Who We Are

We are custodians for community change. We are a group of skilled, responsible and accountable men and women committed to ensuring tangible, positive impact in the communities we serve, live and work in.
In all we do and communicate both internally and externally the above values are the qualities that we uphold as individuals and collectively and seek like-minded partners.
Our team consists of the following;

Jonathan Jackson


Edward Mudida

Finance and Administration Director

Nyatome Sheillah

Operations Manager

Sylvia Kabui

Finance Officer

Onyango Boaz

Project Manager, Community Development

Samson Otieno

Program Coordinator, Football

Edna Gesare

Program Assistant Volunteer

Winnie Nyasiri

Media and Content Coordinator

Emmanuel Ndile

Social Media Volunteer