COVID-19 Relief

JJF ‘JENGA JIRANI’ (Support your Neighbour) INITIATIVE

JJF has extensive connections with youth and women groups and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) in most of the communities in Nairobi. Through these networks and working together with the local administration, JJF can quickly and effectively with its staff, football team and the youth it works with, distribute food and sanitary towels to those in need.

During this pandemic, JJF is proactively involved in humanitarian activities geared towards sustainably supporting families in the informal settlements. JJF kickstarted an initiative dubbed ‘Jenga Jirani’ that seeks to fundraise, and support families driven through our Safaricom Paybill No. 904870.

Under this initiative, we have been able to partner with various charitable and commercial organizations and offered support in cash and distribution, as we:

  1. Target the most vulnerable people who are already living on the edge of hardship. Our priority is people with and living with HIV/AIDS, People living with disabilities (PWDs), terminally ill, the elderly and the those in desperate need.
  2.  Package & distribute dry foods and vegetables to needy families to sustain them at least a week.
  3. Provide non-food items, including bar and powdered soaps, sanitizer, undergarments, sanitary pads, and soap.

Selection Criteria for needy families

  1.  Terminally ill;
  2. Those living with HIV/AIDS;
  3. Widows taking care of the Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  4. The old;
  5. The poor of the poorest.
  6. People Living with Disabilities (PWD)


JJF undertakes that 90% of all donations are used directly for food purchase from wholesalers at discounted price. 10% of donations are used to fund logistics.


Donations received are updated weekly here. JJF subscribes to the core humanitarian standards and ensure tangible, positive impact and accountability on the ground for the community, our partners, and stakeholders. We track, monitor, and evaluate, and ensure delivery of program success in all the communities we reach



We are working closely with NBCC providing support to the whole committee and specially to the WASH sub – committee in distribution of soap, sanitisers and hand washing stations and the Food Security Sub Committee. Visit their website here.