Diana Sifuna

Chief Executive Officer and Board Secretary

Diana Sifuna is the CEO & Board Secretary of Jonathan Jackson Foundation and the founder of Diversity With Diana Podcast, a platform that discusses inclusive diversity, good governance and tech innovation among other social issues in Kenya and Africa. She also serves as a Director in the Board of Uamuzi App Limited, a groundbreaking digital platform that brings elected and nominated leaders closer to their constituents. She also sits on the Advisory Board of Centre for African Affairs and Conflict Research (CAACOR) and is a Career Advisor on Prosper App, Kenya’s first professional development Service. She’s a recipient of a 2020 Ford Foundation Grant on Leadership & Governance.

Ms. Sifuna has over 12 years of professional experience in media production, private sector and development sector. For 2 years, she served as the CEO and Board Secretary of Youth Agenda, Kenya’s leading National Non-profit Organization that champions for youth inclusion. In this role, she served as a Steering Committee Member of Elections Observation Group (ELOG), the Advisory Committee of Deliver For Good Kenya Campaign (DFG-KE) & Chaired the Committee on SDG Goal 9 on Industry and Innovation – in the SDGs Kenya Forum.

In her various capacities in the Development Sector with International Development Partners, Non-Governmental Organizations, Private sector, Government and Community-Based Organizations, Ms. Sifuna has mastered her skills in Non-Profit Management, Partnerships, Networking, Negotiation, Marketing & Public Relations, Public Policy Management, Leadership and Resource Mobilization. She is a dedicated human rights activist with a focus on investment in Women, Youth and PWDs inclusion in socio-economic and political governance spheres in Africa. Diana has a Masters in Public Policy and Management from Strathmore University School of Business, a Certificate in Global Leadership from New York University School of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce from Kenyatta University School of Business.