Working with the women and youth to improve their livelihoods.

The Jonathan Jackson Foundation

We do this through Sport, Community engagement, Small business facilitation, Job linkage and preparation, Advocacy and through arts, music & culture.
"I have a great passion for uplifting communities; especially Women and Youth in disadvantaged communities. I aim to offer significant impact by job creation and sustainable income generating initiatives. There is no greater calling"
Jonathan Jackson, 2019

Our Pillars

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Economic self-sufficiency is a key pillar in the mandate of the Jonathan Jackson Foundation. The foundation focuses on youth aged between 18 and 35 years of age living in hardship prone areas and women in general.


The Jonathan Jackson Foundation aims to communicate to ‘at risk’ youth that they have options—options in their life direction and pass-times, healthy options for filling idle time without engaging in drugs, crime and other social vices.


The Jonathan Jackson Foundation partners with various communities around Nairobi in areas such as community clean ups, community dialogues, Civic education drives, anti crime initiatives and behavioral reform initiatives.


The Jonathan Jackson foundation aim to help stem the spiral by setting up placement centers that can assist to link qualified candidates to suitable, well paying jobs.

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