What We Do

Pillar 1


JJF ensures that communities have access to sustainable and dignified livelihoods through gainful, legal and structured income-generating activities.  

Jenga Bizna Mtaani(Building Businesses in Communities) program is specifically designed to economically empower vulnerable youth, women, and individuals with disabilities residing in Nairobi’s informal settlements.

We work with community groups to improve skills and create scalable enterprises that offer decent job opportunities and sustain livelihoods.

Pillar 2


Through sports, we shift vulnerable youth from being exploitable to champions of change.

Bakee Mtaani: JJF runs a basketball program dubbed ‘Bakee Mtaani’ (basketball in the hood) focused on constructing and equipping basketball courts in Nairobi’s informal settlement areas.

Nairobi City Stars (NCS): this is an affiliate of the Foundation; JJF sponsors the football club.

Jenga Jirani Initiative

(Humanitarian Crisis Response)

The Jenga Jirani Initiative mobilises resources to aid vulnerable families in the informal settlements grossly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We deliver dry foods, sanitary hampers and hand-washing stations directly to those in dire need during this period.

JJF has continued to receive and share various donations to vulnerable groups within Nairobi’s informal settlements.

Where We Work

We support marginalised communities across Kenya through strategic partnerships and collaborations. JJF has a footprint in approximately 65 communities in the informal urban settlements.